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Bailey Station Cemetery is located on
County Road 14 just 1/2 mile south of Highway 10.

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Bailey Station Cemetery

Memorial Day Service by Elk River American Legion
Bailey Station Cemetery

9:20 a.m. • May 30, 2011
Arrive at 9:10 a.m. in the event
the Legion arrives early for service.

With the help of Nick Anderson, a local boy scout in search of becoming an Eagle Scout in 1992, the Town of Big Lake began the process of maintaining and developing this historical cemetery (first burial was in 1872) and preparing the cemetery to be used again. In July 1995, a volunteer committee was appointed to present the Town Board with recommendations for by-laws, rules, prices of cemetery lots, and projected capital improvements for the cemetery. At the Re-convened Annual Town Meeting in August 1995, the electors (citizens of the town) approved the projected plan for capital improvements and voted to levy for the necessary funding to assure that work on the cemetery would be done. A volunteer committee remains active today with the ongoing maintenance and improvements to the cemetery. On Memorial Day 1996, the committee began offering cemetery lots for sale, which are still available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a lot or lots in the cemetery or in the new columbarium, please contact Jacque Nadeau, Bailey Cemetery Actuary, at 763-263-3762.

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